America Will Literally Send Ted Lasso To The White House Instead Of Funding Therapy

Is this real life?

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In startling scenes coming out of the US today, Ted Lasso is at The White House for some reason. 

You’d think that this was a scene from the show’s latest season, especially given that Jason Sudeikis in particular is dressed like his TV alter ego, signature moustache and blue jumper in tow. 

But alas, this was real life: the cast of the Apple TV+ show was invited for a meeting with US President Joe Biden to opine on the importance of mental health, likely because the series’ lead character [spoiler alert] suffers from panic attacks. 

During his time at The White House press podium, Sudeikis also spoke in his distinctive Ted Lasso accent, making it unclear as to whether he was there as Jason Sudeikis, Ted Lasso, or some kind of amalgamation of both.

In any case, Lasso or Sudeikis made his case about mental health being important and checking in on your neighbours, or something, while flanked by members of the cast who looked like they were not sure what plane of existence they had landed in.

As you’d expect, some people on social media have criticised the Biden government for getting the Ted Lasso cast to drop platitudes about “checking in” in a country where healthcare continues to be a privilege rather than a right, and look, fair. But it’s also a bit funny, isn’t it? In a sort of derealised, nothing-is-real kind of way? 

Experience the moment for yourself below.

Image credit: AAP Photos