While You Were Sleeping, Topless Kim And Kanye Made A Terrible Film Clip

Hope you like boobs, motorbikes and simulated sex! Also: Qatar's new stadium looks like a vagina, and there's a new GIF of Jennifer Lawrence that you have to see.

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Breaking Bad‘s Complete Series Comes In A Money Barrel

It contains every single DVD extra plus a bunch of bonus content, including a two-hour making-of documentary and the gag reel and alternate ending that people keep taking off YouTube. Also, it comes with a Pollos Hermanos apron and a limited edition challenge coin, the likes of which showrunner Vince Gilligan designs at the end of each season to give to the cast and crew.

Here’s a video of Gilligan unboxing it. For an undeniably sadistic psychopath, he sure seems like someone’s uncle.

Qatar’s New Stadium Sure Looks Like Ladyparts

“AMAZING DESIGN” reads a caption of the Al Wakrah stadium’s hype reel, as the camera rolls gently above, into and through a 40,000 capacity vagina. The vagina is just one of nine stadiums being built ahead of the 2022 World Cup, which will be held — controversially — in the ultra-conservative Arab state.

According to the architects, the design was inspired by the shape of a traditional sailing boat known as a dhow. According to the internet, LOLZ.

Kanye And Kim Made A Racy, Cheesy Film Clip

“People make fun of me for like how in love I actually,” Kanye told Ellen, in his appearance on her show last night. “I’m trying to avoid the jump-up-on-the-couch moment, but yeah it’s just, it’s good.”

He talked about Kim a lot, in fact.

He talked about how nice it is to be married to a rich lady: “It’s incredible to have a woman like that, that you know is not using you for money … to have someone that’s, you know, has their own shit.”

He talked about how much he likes having sex with her: “We were just practising all the time [before we got pregnant]. Practise made perfect.”

And he talked about the pressure on him to perform The Best Proposal Ever: “She thought I was going to bring Lana Del Rey out … I knew I had to turn up more because I think people expect even more from me in every situation whether it’s an album, a video or concert, or, you know, an engagement. I may have taken it to a completely, you know, yeah, another level.”

He then introduced the exceptionally bizarre, quite terrible and NSFW music video for ‘Bound 2’.  Set amongst a backdrop of rolling mountains, slow-motion horses and shooting stars that Gawker has referred to as “cold garbage“, it stars a fairly naked Kim, draped on a motorbike, pretending to have sex with him.


Here Is The Most Excellent GIF Of Jennifer Lawrence Accidentally Exploding A Hard-To-Open Box Of Mints On Her Lap At A Press Junket