While You Were Sleeping, The Royal Baby Revealed Itself

It is hideous. Also, Jennifer Lawrence meeting Jeff Bridges is too adorable.

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Kate Middleton and Prince William showed the world their baby

Cool, it looks like a baby.

Here are those pictures of Earth from Saturn that you posed for last week


Remember how we told you to stand outside your house last Saturday evening and “smile for Cassini”, NASA’s space probe which was orbiting Saturn and set to snap a pic of the ringed planet in which Earth was also visible?

Yeah, well, the first few pictures (taken  from 1,445,858,030 kilometres away) were released overnight, and, uh, we can’t really find you in the shots, sorry. I guess this one’s a bit more exciting, at least.


Will Smith’s I Am Legend predicted that whole Superman/Batman movie thing

At this week’s Comic-Con, director Zack Snyder revealed the logo for an upcoming Superman/Batman crossover film to endless screechy nerd shrieks. Well, turns out it was in I Am Legend six years ago. Either a) Will Smith is a prophet, or b) Zack Snyder is stealing film ideas from mildly entertaining millennial blockbusters. (Let’s just go with ‘a’).

The Simpsons gets another ‘crossover’ episode, this time with Futurama

[It’s always funnier in Spanish.]

Just last week, we told you about upcoming plans for a Simpsons/Family Guy crossover episode, in which Homer and Peter Griffin argue about beer and talk about testicles a lot (or something). Yesterday, the show’s producers revealed there will be another crossover episode airing next year, this time with their yellow-y brethren from Futurama. The episode will see Bender travel back in time to kill Bart, so he can stop him from destroying the future with one of his routine pranks. So Bart’s Hitler? I knew it.

Adorable Jennifer Lawrence being adorable is adorable

The adorable actress adorably lost her shit when she saw Jeff Bridges at Comic-Con. This video is so adorable. Well, except the awkward ending at 0:50. Too boring, Jeff Bridges! But otherwise, adorable.