While You Were Sleeping, Reddit Saved The Jamaican Bobsled Team With A Dogecoin Fundraiser

This is the most internet-y story of all time. Also, Adam Scott announced his next 'Greatest Event In Television History', Steve McQueen interviewed Kanye, and more.

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Paul Rudd’s gonna be in Adam Scott’s next ‘The Greatest Event In Television History’

Adam Scott’s weird passion project, ‘The Greatest Event In Television History’ — in which he recruits famous friends like Jon Hamm, Amy Poehler and Jon Glaser to help him recreate the opening credits of ’80s TV shows — is getting a fourth installment. It will star Paul Rudd, and air on Adult Swim (and, presumably, the internet) on January 23.


Overnight, the network unveiled a teaser image for the episode, and the duo’s feathery hair and baseball shirt combos have led to nerdy speculation that it’ll be based on Bosom Buddies, the classic sitcom starring Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari (aka Hannah Horvath’s dad), so expect to see your boyfriends doing something like this:

12 Years A Slave director Steve McQueen interviewed Kanye, and it included the fine quote, “A lot of sex. [both laugh]”


You may remember Kanye spoke at length about McQueen’s film during that Bret Easton Ellis interview he did back in November; well, the mutual admiration society teamed up for a piece in Interview Magazine that touched on that ‘Bound 2’ video, his 2002 car accident, Geminis, and, uh, dinner dates with Deepak Chopra. There was also this interesting exchange about the infamous Taylor Swift incident:

MCQUEEN: There must have been moments of doubt or depression or sadness. I mean, with what happened after the Taylor Swift incident [at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards] and all the negativity that came your way as the result of that. How did you deal with it all mentally, physically, and spiritually?

WEST: It’s funny that you would say “mentally, physically, spiritually” because my answer before you even said that was going to be “god, sex, and alcohol.”… I don’t have an addictive personality, so that means that I can lean on what might be someone else’s vice just enough to make it through to the next day. You know, just enough religion, a half-cup of alcohol with some ice in it and a nice chaser, and then …

MCQUEEN: A lot of sex. [both laugh]

WEST: Yeah — a lot of sex. And then I’d make it to the next week.

“A lot of sex. [both laugh]” This is how I’m ending every conversation with anyone from now on. Read more of that kinda thing here.

Beck wrote a new song for you

It’s called ‘Blue Moon’, it’s featured on his upcoming album Morning Phase (due out February 25) and the new Girls soundtrack, and it sounds more like Sting than it really needs to.

The internet is raising Dogecoins to help send the Jamaican bobsled team to the Winter Olympics

Meme-y cryptocurrency, ’90s Disney nostalgia, feelgood share-a-thon… This news story is basically the internet at its most internettiest.

The whole campaign kicked off yesterday, after the Jamaican team — upon awesomely qualifying for the Winter Olympics — announced that it would need an additional $30,000 to pay for equipment and travel expenses to Russia.

Reddit’s Dogecoin community caught wind of the news and saw an opportunity to a) help relive their favourite kids’ movie, and b) draw extra media attention to their weird cryptocurrency, and so they set up ‘Dogesled‘ to encourage donations. In just one day, Dogesled earned 24,784,074 DOGE, which, once the fundraising team converted them to real world cash (which they’ve thankfully already done), equals about $35,511.


I think it’s time we all sang this right now: