While You Were Sleeping, Lou Bega Asked You To Stop Confusing Him With Lou Reed, Please

Apparently that's a thing that's been happening. Also, Beyonce's photobombing Aussie kids now, Breaking Bad got an excellent new meme, and more.

Justin Timberlake’s new video will probably make you wanna have sex right now

Argh, but you’re probably at work! Or maybe even on public transport! Hide your awkward boners and lady-boners, everyone. It’s for his new single ‘TKO’ and it also features Elvis’ granddaughter Riley Keough in it, if you needed more information than just a boner PSA.

Beyonce remains awesome, now casually photobombing kids in Melbourne

Whether she’s hanging out in suburban back streets or jumping off buildings or doing the haka in New Zealand, each day of Beyonce’s life is filled with some random bit of casual amazingness. During her final Melbourne gig the other night, she paused mid-performance to slyly blow a child’s mind.



“i dont even know it was such a blur i just remember her bending down to me and my friend and i just turned for the photo and wowoowow it was the best moment ever,” said Valentina, the 15-year-old grammar-phobic subject of the bombing, on her Tumblr. And then she went to school and got mercilessly bullied. Such is teen life.

Lou Bega is so f**kin’ tired of people confusing him with Lou Reed

Aww, this is kinda adorable, but also really, really sad. Lou Bega — that one-time hitmaker of indeterminate Euro origin, who topped worldwide charts in 1999 with the timeless classic ‘Mambo Number 5‘ — has been getting some unexpected attention this week.

‘Cause the internet has a tendency to take such hilarity and run with it, things only got worse.




Okay we’ve all had our fun, Lou Bega, we’ll go back to ignoring you now.

Walter White has some important chemistry jokes for you

If you like chemistry jokes and dad jokes and still feel some sad separation withdrawal from Walter White and Jesse Pinkman’s lovable shenanigans, the latest Breaking Bad meme (courtesy of Redditor ‘luannyboyz‘) is probably your dream come true.



There are more of those brilliantly-timed, exasperated reaction shots over here.