While You Were Sleeping, Hillary Clinton Joined Twitter

It's how presidents become presidents these days.

Twitter, Meet Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton (HillaryClinton) on Twitter

In what many are seeing as her first step towards a 2016 presidential run, former US First Lady and Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton has joined that most modern of president-makers, Twitter. She used her first ever tweet to explicitly proposition Drake thank the people who made her a meme-y superstar with the kids last year.

In just a few hours, Clinton’s already scored over 182,000 followers, including Ben Affleck. That’s what an incredible humblebrag of a bio can do for you. We’re gonna go add “hair icon” to our own account now.

David Lynch and Lykke Li’s new music video will make you think of relaxing road trips, a bleeding Bill Pullman

Just last week, we told you about David Lynch’s upcoming album, The Big Dream, a “modernized form of low-down blues” that features a doo-wop collabo with Swedish singer, Lykke Li, titled ‘I’m Waiting Here’. Here’s the single’s video (the concept was Li’s, and it was directed by visual artist Daniel Desure), which is basically one long Lost Highway rip-off, minus the creepy flashes of a bloody Bill Pullman and this guy. Maybe don’t watch it if you’re still sleepy following the long weekend.


The Big Dream is out locally on July 19.

Kanye is probably only dating Kim Kardashian so he can use Scott Disick in his American Psycho parodies

Over the weekend, Kanye performed at the Governor’s Ball, a massive music festival off New York City, where he debuted a bunch of new material and ranted about the dire state of radio or some such nonsense. There are clips and vines of the festivities all over the internet; here’s one with ninjas:

In more exciting news, InTouch Weekly are reporting that Yeezy also spent part of the weekend filming “an American Psycho-themed video” with kinda brother-in-law, Scott Disick (Kourtney Kardashian’s boyfriend). This should be hilarious, because, this:


According to InTouch‘s sources (obviously someone’s grandmother), the guys are hoping the video will “go viral” ahead of Kanye’s Yeezus release on June 18. Rest assured, we’ve set up our ‘Patrick Bateman’ Google alerts and will bring it to you as soon as it’s released.

Leonardo DiCaprio set to prove beard skillz, play Rasputin in an upcoming movie

Leonardo DiCaprio and Rasputin

After wrapping up his much-anticipated run at stalker-y sadsack Jay Gatsby, Leo DiCaprio’s next project will see him playing Rasputin, the mysterious Russian mystic who became an advisor to the Russian royal family before his grisly assassination in 1916. According to Deadline, the actor was enticed by the “complicated elements” surrounding a “charlatan who prolifically bedded women, possibly including the Tsar’s wife” (read, beard-y sex scenes). The film’s heading into pre-production soon, but here’s a catchy history lesson to get you prepped in the meantime:

The opening number of the Tonys is everyone’s favourite thing ever

In case you didn’t catch it yet, here’s the opening number of yesterday’s Tony Awards, in which Neil Patrick Harris once again proved that he’s our generation’s Billy Crystal when it comes to the specific skill of expertly hosting things with large-scale song-and-dance numbers. Alongside all the Broadway references that only lonely weirdos will completely understand, is a fun (but still scary) Mike Tyson jig. Also, stick around to the end for Jesse Eisenberg’s unimpressed reaction.