My Chem And Paramore Are Headlining The Ultimate Emo Festival And Everyone Is Losing Their Minds

Somebody hacked our 2007 iPod and turned it into a festival.

when we were young festival

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Bust out the eyeliner and remind your mum that it’s not a phase because the emo festival lineup to end all emo festival lineups has just dropped and no one is okay.

In news that has sent the entire emo corner of the internet into a wild frenzy, the line-up for Las Vegas’ When We Were Young Festival just dropped and, well, just take a look at it.

To put it simply, the lineup looks like somebody hacked my iPod from 2009. My Chemical Romance and Paramore (their first show since the band announced its hiatus in 2018) headlining is already enough to get everyone excited, but the longer you stare at the tour poster, the better it gets.

You’ve got Avril Lavigne, The Used, Taking Back Sunday, 3oh!3 and The Story So Far, just to name a few. Not to mention A Day To Remember, Bring Me The Horizon and PVRIS.

Perhaps the only bad news is that it’s a single day festival, which means your favourite artists will likely clash.

When We Were Young Festival takes place at the massive (85,000 capacity) Las Vegas Festival Grounds on Saturday, October 22, which means there’s a red hot chance that Australian emos could hop on a flight and live their best overseas travel life by then.

However, it’s worth noting that tickets are non-refundable and the US doesn’t offer the same consumer protection you’d otherwise get through Australia’s ACCC — so you could be left out of pocket if the COVID situation changes and overseas travel isn’t such a red hot idea come October.

Aussies have taken to social media to urge When We Were Young Festival to bring the lineup to Australia because — honestly — it’s what we deserve.

Ticketing information can be found on the When We Were Young Festival website here.