I Can’t Stop Thinking About If There Are More Doors Than Wheels In The World

It's the debate that is tearing the internet apart.

wheels or doors

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There is a debate that has plagued my mind like no other in recent days, and no matter how much time I spend thinking about it, I simply cannot decide where I stand: Are there more doors or wheels in the world?

It all kicked off over the weekend after a relatively unknown Twitter user shared a poll asking, point blank, if there were more doors or wheels in the world.

Despite having less than 2000 followers on the platform, Ryan Nixon’s tweet quickly amassed 223,347 poll votes in just 24 hours — prompting discussions in every group chat.

Unlike other viral debates (see: the colour of that infamous dress), this question isn’t about your perspective, or what you — personally — see. No. There is only one correct answer here, but finding out which answer is actually right isn’t quite as simple.

You see, the terms “door” and “wheel” are quite vague. Does a kitchen cabinet door count? What about a gate? Does a cog count as a wheel? Are we including those tiny wheels used in machinery, or the ones needed to make sliding doors and drawers work?

As you can see, there are lots of variables here. Not to mention, there’s no global wheel and/or door database to analyse the data, which makes it an incredibly frustrating debate to have.

After days of thinking about this stupid tweet and getting very little else done with my life, I have come to my own conclusion that there simply must be more wheels than doors in the world — and that’s the hill I’m willing to die on.

Sure, there are high-rise apartments with thousands of internal doors, cabinets, elevators and fire escapes — all adding to the door tally.

However, my counterargument is that pretty much any type of machinery involves some sort of wheel. So, we’re not only including the wheels (and tyres) on every car, bus, plane, trailer and every other motor vehicle, but we also must account for every sliding door or drawer on rollers, as well as all of the other rogue wheels in our lives — like the scroll wheel on your computer mouse.

But while a majority of people who voted on the poll agree with me that the amount wheels must far exceed that of doors, there are some pretty convincing arguments in favour of doors.

“I think that doors predate the wheel as one of our most ancient and revolutionary inventions,” Junkee staff writer Charles argues. “Keeping things ‘out’, is a concept that relies entirely around doors. Without them, there is no ‘outside’.”

But regardless of where on the wheels-doors spectrum you fall, everyone can collectively agree that this debate has ruined their weekend and probably killed a few brain cells in the process.