What So Not Wants To Play At Your House Party For Free This Weekend

Pass him the aux cord.

What So Not house party

If you’re throwing a party this weekend, you could end up chucking What So Not more than just an aux cord, as the DJ has just asked fans if he can crash.

Over on Facebook, What So Not’s said he’s keen to play a free set at someone’s house this weekend.

It’s kind of a protest against Sydney’s lockout laws, but he’ll play anywhere in Australia since, in his own words, “these issues have affected the whole country.”

“I’m open to driving/flying where ever looks exciting.”

If you’re keen, you’ll need to head over to What So Not’s Facebook page and make your case. You’ve got until 6pm Friday.

“Simply comment the resume for your party below and have your mates like the post so I know you’re legit. Tag anyone you know who’s having Christmas party/birthday/BBQ/kickon/hens night/whatever.”

Good luck. And if you don’t get picked, you can always hear ‘High You Are’ at Laneway Festival.

Photo via What So Not Facebook