What Not To Tweet

A lesson from Dennis Jensen MP.

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Dennis Jensen MP — Federal Member For Tangney, who you might remember from that time in 2009 when he quoted Hitler to explain why he didn’t believe in climate change — sent out some tweets yesterday. In doing so, he taught us all an important lesson in how not to send out tweets.

It started when he called a Koori woman racist:


Then he explained why he is allowed to call a Koori woman racist:


Then, when she explained that yep, that’s part of the problem, he said this:



get over it

That wasn’t all. Because then he said this:


And then, finally, this:


Jensen conveyed regrets in a statement issued today.

“In expressing my desire for true indigenous advancement, I may have used inappropriate channels of communication,” he said. “I will in future look at using more appropriate channels to pursue an agenda of generating policies to get true equality.”

Which is politician speak for “I’m only sorry I was caught”.