What All Those Labels On Your Food Mean, According To Jacqui Lambie : A Junkee Infographic

Spoiler alert: everything is terrorists.

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Independent Senator and dick aficionado Jacqui Lambie established herself as one of Australia’s foremost sources on Crazy Theories About Brown People last year, when she called for Sharia law to be banned despite not knowing what it actually is, and alerting the world to the threat of Ebola-infected ISIS agents that not even top security agencies were aware existed.

Now Lambie’s making headlines for claiming that “halal money” — as in, money food companies pay to have their products halal-certified — may be funding terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria. Presumably Lambie is also going to stop using fuel from Gulf states like Qatar and Saudi Arabia, places far more likely to be the sources of ISIS funding, but maybe that press release got sent to the wrong fax machine or something.

In the meantime, we asked Lambie what those other funny symbols on our food packaging mean, and The Results Will Shock You: turns out pretty much every food-related authority is just a front for the terrorists. Who knew.


David Blumenstein has done comics for Crikey and The Guardian. He tweets from @nakedfella