Wes Anderson Directed A Four Minute Commercial For H&M And It Is Pretty Damn Great

Merry Christmas.

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Acclaimed filmmaker Wes Anderson has brought his esoteric style to the world of advertising, with an elaborate four minute commercial for clothing company H&M.

The holiday-themed short film stars regular Anderson collaborator Adrian Brody as a deadpan train conductor named Ralph, who is forced to throw an impromptu Christmas party after inclement weather causes delays.

The director of The Royal TenenbaumsFantastic Mr. Fox and Moonrise Kingdom sticks closely to his signature look and tone – in fact, the short could easily be mistaken for a deleted scene from his most recent feature The Grand Budapest Hotel. It’s also, pardon the language, cussing great.

This isn’t the first time that Anderson has worked in commercials. He previously directed this Japanese banking ad starring Brad Pitt, as well as this this incredible elaborate commercial for Prada featuring Jason Schwartzman.

Anderson’s latest commercial should help tide fans over while he continues to work on his latest feature, a stop-motion animation about the lives of dogs featuring the voice talent of Bryan Cranston, Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum and Edward Norton. Yes that’s a real thing that’s happening, and yes we’re excited about it too.