The Internet Is Obsessed With Wendy Williams’ Incredibly Cursed ‘Masked Singer’ Performance

It's the mid-lyric laugh and snort for me.

wendy williams masked singer tiktok

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As a show concept, The Masked Singer is already so incredibly cursed.

With a bunch of big-name celebrities performing what feels like drunken karaoke while wearing outlandish costumes, the show is ripe for meme-ing. However, no one quite expected just how chaotic Wendy Williams’ spot on the show would be.

Dressed up as a giant pair of lips, to represent her loose lips, gossiping ways and “big mouth” as a talk-show host, Williams sang Odyssey’s ‘Native New Yorker’ in her own special way. And what was that way, I hear you ask? Chaotically.

Filling the performance with giggling, hyping herself up mid-lyric, and the occasional snort, Wendy Williams’ Masked Singer performance as ‘Lips’ will go down as the most iconic and cursed of all time — and the most obvious, too.

For those who don’t know how ‘Native New Yorker’ goes, the answer is: Absolutely nothing like what Wendy Williams sang. The actual song, instead, is a beautiful melodic tune about New York. I’m actually not entirely sure what Williams’ version was.

But despite Lips being revealed an entire two weeks ago, Williams rendition of ‘Native New Yorker’ somehow became the unofficial tune of the US Presidential election.

I could sit here and speculate a million reasons why, but it’s pretty clear that the chaotic energy of Donald Trump calling fraud on any state that didn’t declare him the winner was pretty on par with Wendy Williams’ attempt at singing.

But now a week on from the election, the ‘Native New Yorker’ Lips meme is still going strong, and has managed to get even stranger than being an election anthem.

With people ranking the sounds Williams’ makes in the short sound bite, to people cosplaying native New Yorkers who are stuck inside rooms because everyone refuses to open the door for them, Wendy Williams’ rendition of ‘Native New Yorker’ is quickly on its way to becoming the sound that sums up the pure chaos of 2020.

So please enjoy these absolutely baffling, but iconic ‘Native New Yorker’ TikTok memes, because you’re likely going to start hearing this track everywhere: