This Melbourne Kid Was Caught Zooming Around Frankston In A Motorised Weed Esky

Was the police helicopter really necessary?

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A 17-year-old in Carrum Downs seen zooming around on a homemade motorised esky filled with weed, found himself in hot pursuit over the weekend.

The vehicle, which also included L-plates, a ‘slippery when wet’ traffic sign and two rogue shovels, reportedly ferried said teenager around the suburb over the weekend. Apparently, a bunch of alarmed neighbours then called the police on this — by all accounts, very cool — individual.

Victoria Police then acted very rationally to the situation by deploying a helicopter unit to bring the vehicle to a halt. “Utilising Pol Air, members tracked the speeding Esky [to make] a dynamic arrest,” a theatrical Facebook post by the official Frankston Police account read.

“Not being content with just traffic infringements,” the post continues, “police dug deeper into the matter, and the sky was not what it seemed,” they said. “Police allege it was in fact a motorised mobile drug trafficking esky! The offender was charged and the esky taken off the road.”

God knows that that experience was probably the highlight of their year.

The teenager’s esky haul reportedly included weed wrapped up for sale, an electronic scale, and an old bong.

The use, possession, and supply of cannabis continue to be illegal in all states in Australia, as are things that people use to consume weed, like bongs. In the most recent Federal Election, the Legalise Cannabis Australia Party experienced a surge in popularity, with even non-smokers electing to support the party’s cause.

Photo Credit: Victoria Police/Nine News