Turns Out Weeing In The Shower Could Save The Damn World

An important PSA from Stephen Colbert.

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You know you’re guilty of it. Sometimes the sound of the running water is just too much. Sometimes you’re lazy and can’t be bothered getting out. Sometimes it’s too damn cold to do the quick dash. Sometimes you wanna see what it’s like to do it standing up. You’ve done a wee in the shower. You have. If you say you haven’t, you’re lying.

Turns out having a sneaky wee in the shower is not a bad thing. Stephen Colbert has even presented us with the cold hard facts on the matter, revealing just how much water could be saved across the United States if we all simply embraced a whizz in the shower once a day.

Cast your guilt and shame aside, because it’s actually an environmentally conscious thing to do. Think about it, humans wee on average seven times a day. Each time we flush the loo it’s about six litres of water being washed away with our ones and twos. Doing a little wee in the shower means you’re cutting down your water usage by six litres each time. Two showers in a day? That’s twelve litres of water you’re essentially saving by piddling down the plughole.

There’s 23 million people in Australia, which means that if everyone had a shower slash once a day, we’d save 138 million litres of water each day. We’ve been in some serious drought times, so we all know how precious water is.

Go forth, let your wee be free, but please save other toilet activities for the porcelain gods, for goodness sake.

Courtney is a Sydney-based writer who has had her words in The Vocal, PagesDigital, LUSH Cosmetics, and other places. She’s currently working on Sad Grrrls Festival, has a soft spot for cheeseboards and dog parks, and tweets over at @courtwhip.