People Are Sharing The Most Inappropriate Wedding Songs They’ve Ever Heard, And Oh No

"The band at our wedding kept insisting on their closing number at the reception being Kings of Leon’s “Sex on Fire”. We said no under any circumstances. They still played it."

Wedding songs

Picking the song you want to play as you walk down the aisle at your wedding is a deceptively hard task.

It’s not simply a question of picking your “favourite” song. After all, many of us adore music that’s about how depressing life is; how much love is a lie; how getting eaten alive by sharks is painful. There’s any number of perfect songs that would simply be wrong for a wedding, and selecting music requires real tact and grace.

At least, that is theoretically how it’s meant to go. As a recent Twitter post for the Double J Mornings social account proves, a lot of people haven’t yet realised that there’s certain art that’s out of bounds at nuptials.

See, the Double J account called for people to share “the most inappropriate song you’ve ever heard at a wedding? Preferably, walking down the aisle.” And almost immediately, the account was swamped with enjoyably batshit responses.

I mean, just imagine sitting there in your best suit and hearing the sounds of Trent Reznor moaning about his empire of shit, or Bono howling about dissatisfaction.

Ooft. Just goes to show — always ask a third party when planning you’re wedding song, yeah?