Watch These Batshit Videos From Canberra’s Huge Hail Storm

"Please stop sending your thoughts and prayers, the weather has become too powerful."

Canberra Hail storm

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After a month spent sucking in toxic bushfire smoke, Canberrans had the satisfaction of tossing aside their P2 masks yesterday as the skies cleared.

But their relief was short-lived, after those skies opened up and sent down a massive hail storm that is now on its way to Sydney.

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for large hailstones, heavy rain and damaging winds across much of south-east New South Wales today, because apparently we just can’t catch a break.

This morning there were still around 70 bushfires burning across the state.

The huge hailstones were big enough to smash windows, damage cars and reportedly kill birds, but on the bright side they were also big enough to juggle with.

Since bushfires and hail storms co-existing isn’t bizarre enough, further north NSW also had a dust storm so thick it blocked out the sun.

The storm stretched across Broken Hill, Parkes and Dubbo, with winds of up to 107 kilometres an hour whipping across the drought-affected region.

With so many extreme and unusual weather events, it’s almost as if some kind of unprecedented climate emergency is causing havoc across the state, and the country.

If only we could brainstorm some way to try and mitigate that before these freak weather events get any worse.

On the other hand, how good’s the cricket.