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Junkee-endorsed bits and bobs to make your weekend better. Includes the worst tourism ad ever, a gallery of tiny tattoos, and a useful guide to escaping zip ties.

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Each Friday, our contributors send in a bunch of (legally) free stuff they’ve come across this week to help you waste your weekend. You’re welcome.

Video: ‘Tiny Sydney’

Recommended by: Steph Harmon

Commissioned by Expedia, Australian photographer Filippo Rivetti travelled around a bunch of Sydney landmarks to make this short film, ‘Tiny Sydney‘. He used “tilt-shift” photography to make everything look adorable. I do not understand how it works, but I like it.

Twitter Account: Swift On Security

Recommended by: Alasdair Duncan (‘Mid-Season Catch-Up: Will Lindsay Lohan Pull Through?‘)

The ‘Heartbleed Bug’ is running rampant across the internet, but lucky for you, Taylor Swift is an expert on broken hearts. I have no idea how the fuck to patch an open SSL or if that’s even a thing I’m meant to be doing after I already changed all my passwords, but thanks to Taylor Swift I feel very bad that I know so very little about the internet, where I spend about 80% of my day.

Photo Gallery: Tiny Tattoos

Recommended by: Elizabeth Flux

Doodling on your wrist and then photographing it might not sound like anything worth mentioning, but photographer Austin Tott has taken this concept and turned it into art. In his series ‘Tiny Tattoos’, he inks a small picture on to a wrist and  photographs it against a related background. It’s simple, it’s beautiful, and I wish there were more than nine in the series.


Video: Singapore Tourism Ad

Recommended by: Mel Campbell (‘Game Of Thrones Returns, And The Knives Are Out‘)

Despite its terrible production values, this is actually a real ad produced by the Singapore Tourism Board to encourage visitors from the Philippines. It was mocked so roundly on the internet that the Board had to pull it… while blustering that, well, people in the Philippines liked it.
Apart from the creepy dubbed voices, what makes it so mockable is the ‘Singapore surprise’ at the end. Look, just make sure you pack protection when you go to Singapore.

Tutorial: ‘An Illustrated Guide: 3 Ways To Escape Zip Ties

Recommended by: Andy Huang

I don’t know why I think I am likely to find myself in a situation where I would need to know this. I am not even sure this actually works, but it does, apparently.

If you too are perpetually terrified of everything (eg: cats, the dark, butchers, dying, dying alone, that part of dying which involves slowly getting old and wrinkly and then dying), this helpful illustrated guide on escaping zip ties should impart you with an arguably important life skill you did not realise you needed.


Videos of said important life skill being tried and tested can be found here; appropriate mood music can be found here.

Hollywood Gossip: ‘Elia Kazan’s Private Letters’

Recommended by: Rob Moran (‘Dauntless Is The Lamest Faction In Divergent. Discuss.‘)

Lovers of classic cinema, this shit is hilarious.

The Hollywood Reporter has delved into the notebooks of controversial director, Method-acting proponent and Commie-chaser Elia Kazan (On The Waterfront, East Of Eden, Splendor In The Grass), and come up with headlines like ‘Elia Kazan’s Private Letters: Paul Newman’s Masculinity ‘More Actual’ Than Marlon Brando’s‘ and ‘Elia Kazan’s Private Letters: Warren Beatty Chastised For Diva Behaviour‘ and ‘Elia Kazan’s Private Letters: James Dean ‘Has Balls’‘. It’s an intriguing inside look at the Golden Age of Hollywood and the working process of one of cinema’s greatest filmmakers, plus who doesn’t wanna hear Paul Newman referred to as having “plenty of insides, plenty of sex.”

Video: ‘Mouth-Farting Horse’ 

Recommended by: Matt Akersten

This mouth-farting horse makes fart noises. With his mouth!