We Need To Talk About Princess Monster Truck

This cat is the worst. Get a job.

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Cats are so dumb, right? I mean, just look at them, with their fur and their stupid faces. I’m so sick of cats. Stop trying to make cats a thing. Especially this cat.


Oh, right. Allow me to introduce you to Princess Monster Truck. Some people in Brooklyn found her behind some bushes or something.


They cleaned her up and made her an Instagram feed, and as of yesterday afternoon she overtook Lil Bub as the internet’s new favourite cat.


Ugh, I just can’t even with this cat. I mean, look at her. BARF.




Wow, standing on a bed. Real original.

image 6

You just woke up from a nap, did you? How clever of you. There are real people out there doing real things, you know. Get a job.

image 7

Really? You’re hiding behind a plant now?

image 8

I mean, okay. I guess it’s not your fault that your teeth look like that. The vet said that’s actually a common birth defect in Persian cats.

image 9

Oh Princess Monster Truck, I can’t stay mad at you. Just look at your little FACE!

I, for one, welcome the internet’s new feline overlord.