Watch The Trailer For ‘Personal Shopper’, The Film That Got Booed At Cannes

Woah, the French are hard to please.

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There’s a lot happening at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival this week. Some people are using it as an opportunity to call out Woody Allen as a sexual abuser, others are being accidentally racist while trying to construct a funny Instagram caption and a few are really getting their feelings hurt.

One of those people is Kristen Stewart, whose new film Personal Shopper was booed after its press screening at the festival (although she is careful to point out that not everyone booed). The film was directed by Olivier Assayas, who had great success at Cannes two years ago with Clouds of Sils Maria, which also starred Stewart. Basically, it’s about a professional shopper in Paris who starts being harassed by someone who might be the ghost of her dead brother.

I mean, Personal Shopper doesn’t look that bad. At times it seems like a parody of an art film (also, what is that music?), but when it gets to the horror part of the trailer it’s kind of okay! To complicate matters, when it premiered to the public the next day it received a standing ovation. What is real?

It should also be noted that Cannes audiences bloody love boo-ing films, particulalry films by directors who have been celebrated by the festival in the past. Nicolas Winding Refn won a Best Director award for Drive, but then when he came back a few years later with Only God Forgives, he was booed so badly that it moved him to make a documentary about how sad he was.

You gotta be tough to make it in France, guys.