Watch Poet Omar Musa Read Out The Best Love/Hate Letter To Australia You’ve Ever Heard

"If loving your country means wanting change for the better, that means criticising the ugly."

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Queanbeyan slam poet, rapper and author Omar Musa has had a good year — his debut novel, ‘Here Come The Dogs’, met with widespread critical acclaim,¬†was nominated for the Miles Franklin Literary Award in March and is getting its own US book tour, and poems like ‘My Generation’ have racked up tens of thousands of views on YouTube.

Now Musa has released a new video of a poem he often performs at poetry slams. ‘The Ranthem’ is an angry, poignant, passionate love/hate letter to a deeply imperfect country, a rail against apathy and wilful ignorance, and a challenge to anyone who professes to want real change: go fight for it.