Watch Paul Rudd And Amy Poehler In Their Excellently-Titled New Rom-Com Spoof, ‘They Came Together’

It's directed by cult hero David Wain, and it already looks like your favourite movie of the year.

Like a magical meeting between beer and ramen or Nutella and my gut, your two best friends have joyfully come together for a brand new movie: Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd are co-starring in a rom-com spoof titled, uh, They Came Together.

According to IMDB, it’s about “A small business owner who’s about to lose her shop to a major corporate development,” which is pretty much the plot for You’ve Got Mail, so that’s already a great start.

Written and directed by David Wain — a regular Rudd collaborator, and the hilarious brains behind cult hits Stella and Wet Hot American Summer, and more recently Role Models and Wanderlust — the film also features bit roles from sitcom superstars Max Greenfield (New Girl), Cobie Smulders (How I Met Your Mother) and Ed Helms (The Office).

Speaking to Buzzfeed overnight, Wain revealed a teaser for the film ahead of its premiere at Sundance next week, and helpfully explained the genesis of the project.

“After having already made world-changing cinematic statements on adolescence (Wet Hot American Summer), religion (The Ten), service (Role Models), and community (Wanderlust), I teamed up with Michael Showalter to take on a topic that (to our knowledge) has yet been seen in the movies: ROMANCE — particularly heterosexual romance between two white people,” said Wain. “Our next idea was to mix this romance story with humour — so you could almost call this a Romantic-Comedy, so to speak.”

The film’s poster is pretty excellent, too:


Oh yeah, we’ll be watching that at least 588745362 times.