Watch Jon Stewart’s Eloquent And Brutally Honest Take On Ferguson And Racism In America

"Imagine that on a pretty consistent basis you can't get a fucking cab, even though you're a neurosurgeon, because you're black".

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Jon Stewart is back at the helm of The Daily Show after going on vacation for a few weeks, during which time the aggressively horrific nonsense that is Ferguson, Missouri happened. Obviously the killing of Michael Brown and the subsequent campaign of police brutality against protesters was hideous, but what went largely uncommented on was how large portions of America’s media steadfastly refused to acknowledge that the entire thing was in any way about race.

It was this aspect Stewart chose to primarily focus on in a furious and heartfelt ten-minute segment, in which he sums up the problem of race in America (and basically everywhere) more eloquently than we’re used to hearing from public figures or those in positions of authority.

And in case you’re still not convinced there’s a serious problem with race in America, here’s yet another video of a white cop pointing his gun at unarmed black people and threatening to shoot them — or, in the officer’s own words, “I’ll put a round in your ass so quick”.

Feature image via The Daily Show/Comedy Central.