Watch A Horrifying ‘Doom’ Remake Made Entirely Of Tim Allen’s Grunts And Tim Allen’s Face

There's compelling evidence that Tim Allen is the internet's new favourite (old) meme.

Tracking the origin of a meme is like trying to figure out how the universe was created — no-one knows! Okay, maybe that’s a bad example. The point is, the most irrelevant and innocuous pop culture properties can one day be picked up on Twitter and transformed into something more.

Let’s take the children’s television show ArthurWhen was the last time you thought about Arthur? Ages ago, that’s when, and then suddenly it was all over your social media feeds. These things just happen.

This brings us to Home Improvement, the 1990s sitcom about the crippling tenants of masculinity, the inequality inherent in heteronormative relationships, and construction work. Starring Tim Allen as TV show host Tim “The Toolman” Taylor, Home Improvement was mainly about Tim’s madcap antics and his wife’s withering grimace. What a time for television!

Some enterprising YouTube user called Marisa Kirisame, has taken Tim’s soulless stare and his guttural grunt (the siren song of the patriarchy?) and has used it to recreate a version of the first-person shooter Doom (it was made a few months ago, but only seems to be making the rounds now). It’s hypnotising.

This isn’t the only Tim Allen news to surface on the internet recently. The Verge recently discovered that the Tim Allen’s internet forum, called ‘Tim Allen’s Idea Exchange‘, is still active. The forum discusses tools, favourite episodes of Home Improvement, musings on marriage (oh boy) and most interestingly, a section called “The Really Big Questions” which covers such topics as ‘What is it all for?’.

“I really can’t make heads or tails of it. Are we lucky to be alive? Is it all just one great big mistake? I don’t know anymore,” says user TheTimMan. “Sure, I’m like all of you, I love Tim.” TheTimMan then engaged in a lively and vulnerable conversation with his fellow users (they all decide that “the point” is to find the point yourself. TheTimMan responds with an enthusiastic sunglasses emoji).

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 10.49.34 am

Soon, Tim Allen content will dominate the internet. I have a feeling about this. Really, Home Improvement has all that you need to make a winning meme: it’s from the ’90s, it’s easy to make fun of and you know, that grunt.