You Can Now Watch Every ‘Rage’ Playlist From The Last 20 Years

There's an app for that!

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Heads up, music nerds: a new iPhone app called ‘Rageholic’ has pulled together every single Rage playlist of the last 20 years, allowing you to listen to them all easily via YouTube.

There are over 200,000 video clips on the app, collated into around 2000 playlists starting from January 1998 and finishing in April 2017. You can even select via guest programmer too — just in case you had a hankering to see what Wayne Coyne selected for his show in October 2009, or what Lily Allen picked back in 2006.

This slightly insane undertaking is the work of Brisbane developers Brock Kenzler and Michael Henderson, who say they were spurred on by a pure love for the show.

“We’ve been massive fans of Rage all our lives,” Kenzler says. “We also love going down the musical rabbit hole on YouTube. We thought having all the Rage playlists in one place and making it easy to jump to a random date would be super fun and nostalgic.”

Better yet, you can even cast the app to your TV, meaning you can actually live out your dream of being a Rage programmer. Just like Albo.

Outside of the app, Rage is currently gearing up for a massive run of shows in June — with every episode being dedicated to classic videos and songs from the ’90s.

Rage’s ‘Vault’ (from 8.30am onwards) will feature songs from the following themes: The Best Australian Songs of the ’90s, The Best Overlooked Tracks of the ’90s and The Best Female Artists of the ’90s. They’ll close it out on Saturday June 24 with wall to wall ’90s hits, chosen by viewers. Better get out that flannie then.