Watch Broad City’s Ilana Glazer Ask Random Strangers About How They Lost Their Virginity

"You like titties?" is a thing she actually asks someone, 'cause she is the best.

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I don’t know if I’d casually reveal any private sex tales to some stranger who randomly confronted me on a park bench with a camera and a microphone, but if that stranger was Broad City‘s (aka, your new favourite comedy) insanely lovable Ilana Glazer, I can imagine I might crumble under her comforting demeanour. Like these people did!

For a new episode of her weirdo web series, Chronic Gamer Girl, Glazer hit up her local hipster park and asked people how they lost their virginity. Amazingly, everyone instantly spilled their¬†revealing stories about the time they awkwardly fucked on a forest floor, and such. “While deer watched and jerked off with their hooves?”, Glazer asks, ’cause she’s awesome.