Watch Black Actors Perfectly Hijack The Year’s Most Nominated Films At The Oscars

Featuring: Leslie Jones beating the shit out of Leonardo DiCaprio.

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After Chris Rock set the tone in a blistering and hilarious opening monologue this afternoon, the 88th Academy Awards have been dominated by the ongoing controversy around #OscarsSoWhite. Skits have included ‘Black History Month Minute’ in which Angela Bassett overlooked snubbed actor of colour Will Smith to pay tribute to his white occasional co-star Jack Black. Award presenters including Kevin Hart have savagely riffed on the topic, and at one point Chris Rock even rocked up in Compton to present his own awards to random black moviegoers.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 2.34.14 PM

This lady especially loved it.

But the best skit so far may be this: in which Tracy Morgan, Leslie Jones and Chris Rock forcibly insert themselves into near entirely whitewashed nominees from this year’s awards.

“THERE ARE NO BLACK ACTRESSES IN THIS MOVIE,” Jones screams while beating the shit out of Leo on what’s otherwise being acknowledged as his big day.

“Look at me, a black thespian, starring his first dramatic role,” Morgan says, giving us a glimpse at what would be even a worse received version of The Danish Girl.

“I’ll tell you what’s a PR problem: spending $2,500 white dollars to save one black astronaut,” Jeff Daniels tells Kirsten Wiig while Chris Rock inevitably dies in space.

For the record, I would have watched the hell out of that version of The Revenant.

You can watch the 88th Academy Awards live on 9Now.