A Stirring Ode To ‘The Saga Of Rhonda And Ketut’, Performed By A Ukulele Troupe From Nowra


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I’m gonna level with you: This news piece started out as something else entirely.

Earlier this morning, Fairfax announced that the new Channel Nine telemovie about Gina Rinehart had found its star. Mandy McElhinney, aka Rhonda from the celebrated AAMI ad series Rhonda and Ketut, had been cast as Gina in the Claudia Karvan-produced¬†House of Hancock, which will focus on the mining magnate’s life through the ’90s, and her infamous feud with her father. Shooting is due to kick off in a couple of weeks, and McElhinney has already dyed her hair for the role.

This news was funny enough to warrant its own post on our site; we would have titled it something like ‘Gina Rinehart Telemovie Has Found Its Leading Lady, And The Casting Is Perfect’. But as I searched¬†around YouTube for a clip of Rhonda to turn into a hilarious .gif (it is my job and I get paid to do it), I stumbled upon something even better: ‘The Saga Of Rhonda And Ketut’, performed by the Nowra Ukulele Movement.


For more momentous moments in Australian history performed on ukulele, please see below: