Watch A Pick-up Artist Mansplain On CNN That Street Harassment Is Totally Fine, Ladies

"I'm more of an expert than you, and I'll tell you why - 'cause I'm a guy."

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Last week a video of a woman getting sexually harassed as she walked around New York City went viral, and quickly sparked debates that went off in a number of different directions. Later revelations that white guys were largely edited out of the video went some way towards undermining its credibility, but the larger points the video raised about how men treat women on the street are still on people’s minds.

Enter CNN. Anchor Fredericka Whitfield hosted a ten-minute discussion panel with comedian Amanda Seales and Steve Santagati, author of Bad Boys Finish First and The MANual, presumably to see what mature, insightful debate would transpire when a self-proclaimed pick-up artist tells women that street harassment is actually a compliment and they should like it. And boy, does Santagati bring the goods.

There are a lot of moments in this worth commenting on — the idea that women should avoid street harassment by moving out of New York, smiling more or buying a gun — but the perfect quote is the first thing to come out of Santagati’s mouth: “I’m more of an expert than you, and I’ll tell you why – ’cause I’m a guy”.

Seales does a pretty good job of shooting his “arguments” down, but that kind of stupidity is bullet-proof.