The Sexy Rowing Calendar Has Been Banned in Russia As “Homosexual Propaganda”

This story contains very attractive, nude men.

The Warwick Rowers have been doing the lord’s work by publishing sexy naked rowing calendars for nine years now, but customers in Russia are unfortunately being denied their 2018 calendar, and it’s actually a bigger deal than it sounds.

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The butt-filled rowing calendar is the latest victim of Russia’s gay propaganda laws that were installed by Vladimir Putin five years ago. The laws are officially titled “The Purpose of Protecting Children from Information Advocating for a Denial of Traditional Family Values” and is basically about banning any public representation of non-heteronormative behaviour and relationships.

It’s been reported that since passing the laws, hate crimes against queer Russians have doubled, so the fact that Russian customs officers have been turning away the pretty boat-boys calendars is a smaller symptom of a much more toxic situation for LGBTQI+ people in the country.

In an interview with PinkNews, Warwick Rowers founder Angus Malcolm condemned the Russian authorities’ decision to reject the calendar.

“My heart goes out to the Rowers’ Russian fans, who are increasingly subjected to acts of hatred and discrimination that shouldn’t be tolerated in any society anywhere across the globe” he said.

“If they can’t cope with a few naked bums, then frankly that’s quite sad.”

Soon after the rejection of the calendar by the Russian officials, The Times reported a denial of service attack on the Warwick Rowers’ official website, which forced it offline. The attack was reportedly traced to an IP address in Russia.

The calendar raises a significant amount of money each year, with its horny fans including Kris Jenner and Sir Ian McKellan. Proceeds from the calendar’s sales are donated to Sport Allies, a UK advocacy organisation aimed at combating homophobia and gender bias in team sports. It’s a fantastic and worthy goal, and we should take a moment to really peruse their photos to help support them.

You can order some naked oar boys here.

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