Want To See What It’s Like To Get Eaten By A Great White Shark?

You do not. STAY AWAY.

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Why did you click on this? You’re about to literally soil yourself in front of everyone at work. You fool!

Last year a team of scientists at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute stuck a bunch of cameras onto a torpedo-shaped robot, let it loose in the waters of western Mexico and left it there to swim around happily in the sea, sea, sea, to see what it could see, see, see.

When they pulled it out of the water, the ultra-tough torpedo was riddled with bite marks and scratches from hungry great whites who mistook it for a seal or large fish, swam up under it, and unleashed unholy Hell upon it. The robot has six cameras, each pointing in a different direction, so you can see the fucking things come up out of the depths of the ocean like every one of your nightmares at once.



Sweet dreams, kids.