Want To Know What An Award-Winning Six-Second Film Looks Like?

The Tribeca Film Festival announced the winners of its Vine competition over the weekend. They will put your cat clips to shame.

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And there we were thinking Vine — the six-second looping video app which Twitter launched in January — was only good for poorly-edited cat clips, Roseanne Barr’s swear-filled how-tos, and messy eating montages.

Turns out there’s a whole art form behind them which Tribeca Film Festival celebrated over the weekend, announcing the winners across four categories of their #6SecFilms competition.

They had about 400 submissions in all (it’s still a VERY fledgeling genre), which was whittled down to 40 across the categories of Auteur, Genre, Animation and Series.

Check out the shortlist here; check out the winners below.


There Is No Sunny-Side To This Story
Dir. Kevy Pizza


LazerAndDonald Close Shave
Dir. Matt Swinsky


How To Clear Your Garage From A Scary Ghost
Dir. Jethro Ames


The Book Beetle Trilogy
Dir. Chris Donlon

1. ‘The Burrowing’

2. ‘The Infestation’

3. ‘The Sapling’