The Walmart Yodelling Kid Just Performed At Coachella And Killed It

He was supposed to be playing at his school talent show, but a DJ took the yodel kid to Coachella instead.

Yodel Kid Coachella

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Earlier this month, a ten-year-old kid warmed our hearts by yodelling in the middle of a Walmart in the US — and now he’s gone and performed at Coachella.

He was a guest of American DJ Whethan, and he performed on the Sahara stage in front of a huge crowd.

Check it out:

It’s pretty crazy how it happened, too. Twitter user @dubstep4dads was followed by the yodel kid (his real name is Mason Ramsey). Ten days later, Ramsey was at Coachella, and @dupstep4dads had this to say:

“After the yodel kid followed me I DMed him to try and get him to come out as Whethan’s guest at Coachella. And it happened. You’re welcome everyone. I love you Mason and I love the internet.”

If we had had our investigate hats on, we might have been able to figure out this was going to happen a little earlier, too. Some people on Twitter were on the same Coachella-bound flight as Ramsey.

According to Whethan, Ramsey was “supposed to be playing his school talent show, but [I] took him to Coachella instead”.

TMZ reported that Ramsey will also be performing with Post Malone next weekend, but we’re yet to hear a peep from either the yodel kid or Post Malone as to whether that will actually happen.

As for why Ramsey chose to perform with Whethan? Maybe it’s because the DJ actually tweeted about him when the viral Walmart video came out.