This Wallaby Went For A Hop Along The Sydney Harbour Bridge, Because ‘Straya

"It was just hopping down the street."

Wallaby Sydney Harbour Bridge

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A wallaby was spotted hopping along Sydney Harbour Bridge early on Tuesday, in what might be the most Australian news story of all time.

Concerned motorists spotted the animal travelling south along the bridge just before 5am this morning.

“There was a police car or something following it at a really slow pace and there were a lot of cars behind it, so nothing was getting past,” a witness told radio station 2GB. “It was just hopping down the street. Never seen anything like it. That’s Australia for you.”

“The marsupial was spotted in lane eight on the northern side of the bridge,” said NSW Police in a statement. “Traffic controllers from the Transport Management Centre monitored the wallaby as it hopped across to lane one and, without indicating, exited onto Cahill Expressway then to Macquarie Street.”

It’s good to know that, like all classic Sydney drivers, the wallaby refuses to indicate while turning off the Harbour Bridge.

The animal was eventually apprehended near the Conservatorium of Music, and taken to Taronga Zoo for assessment. The zoo has since put out a statement saying that the wallaby has been placed in the intensive care unit for “recovery and further monitoring”, but that an x-ray did not reveal any significant injuries.