Waleed Aly Effortlessly Nailing A Pink Floyd Solo At The Walkleys Will Make You Feel Vastly Inferior

It is very unfair how good this guy is at everything.

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It’s been a good year for Waleed Aly. After moving from the ABC to Channel Ten’s The Project at the end of 2014, he’s established himself as one of Australian TV’s most charismatic, informative and valuable voices. From Zaky Mallah to domestic violence funding to the TPP to political donations to Adam Goodes to our collective pokies addiction, Aly’s brand of clarity, insight and populist appeal has unpacked some of Australia’s knottiest, most controversial and chronically overlooked issues.

Undoubtedly the biggest moment for both Aly and The Project this year, though, was Aly’s impassioned plea for calm and reason to prevail over hate and division in the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks. That clip (which you’ve almost certainly seen) racked up an astonishing 28 million Facebook views, made headlines worldwide and was nominated for a Walkley, Australia’s most prestigious journalism award.

The Walkleys were last night, and while Aly didn’t take home a gong for that ISIL clip, he did manage to steal the show in another way. When he’s not doing The Project, writing columns for The Age or getting mistaken for Nazeem Hussain, Aly plays guitar in a band called Robot Child that performed at the Walkleys last night. Because he’s not talented or accomplished enough already, apparently, Aly pulled out a point-perfect solo riff from Pink Floyd’s ‘Comfortably Numb’ that left Australia’s best journalists mumbling something about how they could do that too, if they really wanted.

There’s even some shaky video, courtesy of mUmBRELLA. Skip to about 2:00 for the really good shit.

So that’s good, if you want to feel like complete garbage for the rest of the day.

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Via mUmBRELLA. Feature image via Quentin Dempster.