Kira Puru, Waax And Alex The Astronaut All Pen Open Letters About Being Harassed At Their Gigs

All three separate alleged incidents occurred this weekend.

Kira Puru and Alex The Astronaut

Three prominent figures in the Australian music scene have all posted statements over the Easter weekend regarding mistreatment at their own shows.

The first of these was Maz DeVita, the lead vocalist of Brisbane band WAAX, who took to social media on Sunday night to address an incident from earlier that night at Newcastle’s Cambridge Hotel.

“I have been doing this for 6.5 years,” wrote DeVita. “Putting my heart and soul on the line for every single show.”

“You have no idea how fucking hard it is to do what we do. But you decided all of that means nothing and quite aggressively groped me twice in a row.”

DeVita concludes the statement by directly addressing the alleged harasser and asking them a point-blank question.

“You wouldn’t grope someone in the grocery store, on the bus or in your workplace. So what makes this situation any different? What am I to you? Last I checked I’m a fucking human who deserves the right to her own body and the right to work in a safe environment.”

On Monday morning, after seeing WAAX’s post, singer-songwriter Alex the Astronaut posted about her own experience at an all-ages show in Adelaide over the weekend.

“I walked off stage to the merch desk and four boys asked for photos (which is fine),” she wrote. “One put his arm around me and whispered in my ear that he had a crush on me (two times), and asked if that was okay to say. When I said I’m gay so yes as long as he got that, he said it again.”

“I walked away feeling yuck and worried they’d come back.”

Shortly afterwards, Melbourne pop singer Kira Puru – who recently wrapped a national tour in support of Peking Duk – spoke openly about her experience on the tour’s stop in Townsville.

“In the 18 hours or so I’d been in town, I had already been hollered at from cars 3 times,” she said.

“During the show, some loser from the crowd yelled out some shit about my “fat pussy” from in the pit… Honestly, I don’t really give any fucks about idiotic men usually but when I’m at work and having a rough fkn day already, it’s frustrating to not even be able to get through a 30 minute set without some gronk harassing me and commenting on my body.”

Each of the three women backed one another and showed support in their respective Instagram comment sections, and all three posts were unanimously met with both support for the artists and condemnation of the harasser’s actions.

Read all three artists’ statements in full below.

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