This Viral TikTok Perfectly Captures The Unique Horror Of Youth Pastors

Anyone who has ever been to youth group will know this man all too well.

Viral TikTok of youth pastor

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No human being in the world gives off an energy quite as distinct as a youth pastor.

What with their upbeat yet insidious energy, they’re like himbos crossbred with a scorpion — both wholesome and clearly dangerous. I once knew a youth pastor who used to beg every kid in my grade to play soccer with him. When some finally acquiesced, they discovered he didn’t appear to know a single thing about how to play soccer: when the impromptu match started, he picked up the soccer ball and started to run around with it.

That’s what I’m talking about. Weird, weird vibes.

In fact, the vibes are so weird that it’s often hard for impersonators to exactly mimic them.

Hard, but not impossible, as this excellent TikTok absolutely nailing what it’s like to stumble into a dingy hall for youth group proves.

I mean, just watch the sheer, spine-tingling surreality of the thing: