Everyone Is Sharing Their Favourite Vines To Celebrate Five Years Since The App Shut Down

Fre Shavoca Do still lives rent free in our minds.

vine five years

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It has been five long years since the beloved six-second video app Vine shut down forever, leaving its creators to migrate to other platforms (YouTube, mostly) and its viewers to find other ways to numb their smooth little brains.

Launched in June 2012 by Rus Yusupov, Dom Hofmann, and Colin Kroll, years before TikTok took over the world of short-form video content, Vine truly revolutionised the internet — and content — as we know it.

Prior to its eventual downfall on January 18, 2017, Vine launched the careers of some of the most well-known content creators and gave us the kind of content that is still remembered as the absolute pinnacle of comedy to this day.

Honestly, I could write a thesis on the topic, but in the interest of reminiscing the beauty of short-form content, I will not bore you with a 15,000-word essay on why Vine was so great (at least not today). Instead, I have taken it upon myself to round up the absolute greatest videos to ever grace the platform for your entertainment.

Personally, nothing — and I mean NOTHING — could ever top Drew Gooden’s ‘Road Work Ahead?’ video. Gooden now posts internet commentary and comedy videos on YouTube, but this is still the absolute peak of his career.

But comedy is subjective, so I took to social media to ask the people to share their all-time favourite Vines that still live rent-free in their brains.

On account of the fact that the entire app was comedic gold, there were too many responses to include them all, so I have narrowed it down to the real cream of the crop.

For starters, we’re kicking it off with ‘Jason Derulo Calendar’, a Vine that I had completely forgotten about, but a great Vine nonetheless.

And we simply can’t forget Jared, 19, whose voice is the soundtrack to my life every time everyone asks me to do anything.

The ‘Get Pitted’ dude wasn’t technically a Vine OG, but it wasn’t until Vine rose to fame that news clips like this really started to go viral in the way they do now. Had it not been for Vine, we probably would have never seen this glorious video.

The ‘I Could’ve Dropped My Croissant’ Vine is literally me every time somebody tries to jump scare me.

Although this list is a roundup of the best of the best, the ‘Flutterbye Fire’ Vine deserves a category of its own. I physically cannot watch this video without cry-laughing. It will never get old.

But sometimes you just need to kick back and watch guys being dudes.

It is my firm belief that this specific Vine kicked off the trend of TikTok dancing videos. It wasn’t, it was this Vine.

No thoughts, just Halloween Finger.

Sadly, in my research for this story I learned that Adam Perkins — the ‘Welcome To Chilis’ guy — has since passed away. He died at age 24. His content continues to make people laugh and smile to this day.

And last, but certainly not least, we have perhaps the most memorable Vine of all time — ‘Fre Shavoca Do’.

Rest in Peace Vine — gone, but never forgotten.