Vine Is Coming Back: Byte Launches In 2019

The original Vine founder has a new looping video app! I wanted to be a cowboy baby!

vine byte back

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The only good social media site, Vine, is set to return to our lives — in a way. The original creator today announced his new looping video app byte is definitely coming in 2019.

Under-appreciated during its unfortunately short life-span (the app was shut down at the end of 2016) Vine has had a renaissance of sorts lately, with Vine compilation videos on YouTube some of the most watched content of the year.

Vine videos are so popular that many of the most circulated ones have crept into pop culture at large, working their way into everyday vocabulary. I mean, are you even a proper millennial if you haven’t yelled “YEET” whilst throwing an empty bottle across a room at least once in your life?

The hype is extremely real for Vine 2.0, and today’s announcement is a pleasant surprise — especially since OG founder Dan Hofmann revealed “indefinite delays” for byte back in May.

That’s pretty much all we know about byte so far, but as long as the new app repeats the simple 6-second looping video approach we all know and love, I can’t see it going badly.

To celebrate here’s my absolute all-time favourite Vine. This is True Art, my friends.