Watch In Horror As Virtual Members Of The Kelly Clarkson Show Audience Dance To Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel show dance

2020 is weird. On this we can all agree.

The year has been filled with curveballs, most of them horrific. Just the other day, for instance, I sat in a park and watched two dogs play tug of war with a discarded surgical mask while a nearby mother sprayed great clouds of sanitizer around her baby’s pram. Weirder still, my first response was to laugh, rather than shake my head in quiet horror at the outright dystopia we have all somehow wandered into the centre of.

And isn’t that just the thing. 2020 isn’t just weird; it’s kind of subtly weird, in a way that it can become very easy to lose track of. You’ll just be living life, scrolling Twitter in a world that you think you know, and then you will suddenly hit upon the virtual audience for the Kelly Clarkson Show dancing to a Vin Diesel song. Real frog in boiling water shit, believe me.

I mean, just watch this clip and tell me that it doesn’t immediately confront you with the strange new textures of the world that the coronavirus has created.

You didn’t misread, either — Vin Diesel is making music now. His new song, ‘Feel Like I Do’, is a soft EDM ballad that I personally felt totally unprepared for. I guess this is what happens when Diesel doesn’t have a new Fast and Furious movie to produce, or a feud with Dwayne Johnson to make ugly.

Don’t get me wrong. Diesel’s marble-mouthed tones are surprisingly suited to EDM. I don’t hate this song, is what I guess I’m saying.

Anyway, that’s 2020 for you, hey?