After 10 Victorian Postcodes Got Locked Down Again, People Made Memes To Cope

"Lockdown girl, she's been living in a lockdown world / She should have never moved to Brunswick West, cos now she's gotta get a co-vid test."

Dan Andrews postcodes lockdown restrictions

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Last night, in an emergency presser, Victorian Premier Dan Andrews announced that Victoria was going back into lockdown again — sort of.

After a slow but unmistakable surge in the number of Victorian coronavirus cases, Andrews eventually saw fit to roll back a number of the social distancing restrictions the State was only just enjoying being freed from. But rather than making that roll back generalised, Andrews has instead locked down a number of specific suburbs.

There’s ten postcodes in question, and each has been locked down for the next four weeks.

That really, genuinely sucks for the people in those ten postcodes. Lockdown is unpleasant, economically disruptive, and more than a little bit scary. Given that the lockdown will be enforced by increased police presence, it also puts disenfranchised members of the community at more risk.

From the outset of the announcement, people have been sending their love and support to those in the ten postcodes in question — and it’s been genuine, too.

But another way that people have been showing their love is with memes. Cause listen, memes are how we process literally anything these days, from the second peak of a global coronavirus pandemic to a guy going viral for fussing about his wife not getting her shredded cheese on time.

To that end, last night, postcode memes started flooding Twitter. And the subject of most of those jokes? West Brunswick, for some reason.

Poor, poor Brunswick West. For real though.