Victoria Just Announced A Bunch Of New Rental Laws, And It’s Great News For Pet Owners

Get excited, dog lovers.

Victoria Pets Renting

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The Victorian Government has just unveiled a number of changes to tenancy laws with the stated aim of making life easier for renters. With one in four people in Victoria now renting, the changes will restrict the size of bonds, help tenants stay on leases longer, and offer further protections from unscrupulous landlords.

Oh, and also: we get to have pets.

According to changes announced on the government’s Rent Fair website earlier today, every tenant in Victoria “will be given the right to keep pets provided they obtain the landlord’s written consent first. Landlords will not be able to unreasonably refuse the request.”

The government hasn’t specified what might constitute a reasonable refusal, but still, we’re taking this as a win.

In addition to being allowed to own a dog or another, less good animal, tenants will also be given more rights when it comes to making minor changes to a property, such as installing picture hooks.

Other changes to the law include restrictions that will prevent landlords from raising the rent more than once a year, and make it harder for them to eject tenants without a good reason. So-called rental bidding – where landlords ask would-be tenants to out-bid each other on rent – will be prohibited, while bonds will be set at a maximum of one month’s rent in properties where rent is more than $760 per month.

The government will also establish a blacklist of dodgy real estate agents and landlords that will be available to the public. So yeah, if you’ve been holding on to a long list of grievances, you’re finally going to get the chance to unleash them on the world.

Premier Daniel Andrews said the changes would make life fairer for tenants.

“Everyone deserves the chance to have a safe, secure and affordable home – whether you own it or not.”

Feature image via Wikimedia