Today Could Be The Hottest Day Ever For Some Parts Of Australia

Thanks, global warming.

South Australia and Victoria heatwave

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It’s going to be hot today. Like really, really hot. In fact, by the time you’re reading this, it probably already is. Both Victoria and South Australia are expected to be hit by a scorching heatwave, with a representative from the Bureau of Meteorology warning residents to brace for “a horror day”.

Always good when scientists use words like that.

Today’s temperatures are forecast to break records for a bunch of places around Australia, including Adelaide, where the current record of 46.1 degrees has stood for 80 years. Thanks, global warming.

Other parts of South Australia and Victoria will have it even worse — Oak Valley and Marree, for instance, are forecast to hit around 47 degrees for the next few days. The SES has issued an Extreme Heatwave Emergency Warning for all of South Australia.

There’s a serious fire risk across south-eastern Australia due to the heatwave, and bushfires have already been raging in Tasmania for weeks now. A representative of the South Australia SES told media this morning that “if a fire does start under these conditions, we’re not going to be able to control it”.

So if you’re living in Tassie, Victoria or South Australia today, make sure to check fire bans, drink lots of water, and check on your neighbours and friends throughout the scorcher. And if you just want to know when the suffering will end, BOM forecasts suggest a cool change will hit by Friday for Adelaide, and Saturday for Melbourne (though “cool” here is relative — temperatures will likely still be above 30 degrees in both cities).

Look after yourselves, and if you find yourself stuck inside with a fan and nothing to do, consider contacting your local MP to pester them to take climate change seriously.

Feature image via Bureau of Meteorology, South Australia/Twitter