Victoria Has Decided Today Is ‘Donut Day’ As Melbourne Celebrates No New COVID Cases Or Deaths

After Melbourne's peak of 725 recorded cases, Victoria is celebrating finally hitting the double donut.

Melbourne donut day

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After three months of heavy lockdown, Melbourne has finally reported no new cases of coronavirus and no deaths for the first time since June.

Earlier this morning, The Department of Health and Human Services declared that there were “no new cases and no lost lives reported” in Melbourne for the first time since June 9th — the first double donut in 139 days. As a result, Melbourne has now decided that today is officially unofficial ‘Donut Day’.

The number is a significant milestone, considering Melbourne COVID-19 cases peaked at 725 recorded cases in one day during the second wave of the virus.

In honour of the momentous occasion, Melburnians are now celebrating the double zero recording in the most wholesome and delicious way possible: By buying as many donuts for themselves as possible.

Even people from other states have purchased a doughy treat in solidarity with our friends across the border to celebrate the newly declared ‘Donut Day’.

Thanks to the new double zero recording, Victorian Premier Dan Andrews has also just announced that the state would now move onto the third step of the state’s lockdown roadmap.

While the 25km travel limit will still be in place, people residing in Melbourne will no longer be restricted by the “four reasons” to leave home. These restrictions originally included: food and supply shopping, care and caregiving, exercise, and study or work that is not able to be done from home.

However, the most celebrated news is that retail, restaurants, bars and beauty services can re-open from 11.59pm Tuesday night, and that outdoor gatherings have also been extended to groups of up to 10 people. For hospitality businesses the limit of patrons will be set at 20 people indoor and 50 outdoor.

“With zero cases and so much testing over the weekend, we are able to say that now is the time to open up. Now is the time to congratulate every single Victorian for staying the course,” Andrews said during the press conference.

Fundamentally, this belongs to every single Victorian, every single Victorian who has followed the rules, stayed the course, worked with me and my team, to bring this second wave to an end,” Andrews continued. “But it is not over. This virus is not going away. It is going to continue to be a feature of our lives, it is going to be a feature of our lives every day until a vaccine turns up.”

“These are big steps,” the premier said. “We have all given a lot, I’m so proud and impressed and humbled by the contribution that so many Victorian families have made, so many Victorian businesses have made.”

Further changes regarding the 25km limit, the limitations of travel between Melbourne and the rest of Victoria, and the re-opening of gyms are set to happen on November 8.

Onya, Melbourne. Have yourselves a donut and beer, or five of each at this point.