Victoria Is Handing Out Free Money Today, So Here’s How To Nab $250

All Victorian households are eligible for the money, and the process only takes five minutes.

$250 victoria payment

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All Victorian households are eligible for a free $250 to kick off the financial year, as a little treat from Dan Andrews amid the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Premier Dan Andrews announced the program back in May, which is open to the first one million people to compare their energy on the Victorian Government’s website.

The payment is open to households from today until June 30, 2023 — or until the $250 million pool is exhausted. However, Dan Andrews suggested that more money may be allocated if people exhaust the initial fund.

“That’s a million households at $250 each. Obviously there are many more households than that,” said Andrews. “The best thing would be if we need to put more money into this. That would be a great problem to have.

“It’s much better in your pocket than in the pocket of an energy company.”

One person per household — the person whose name is on the bill — is eligible to claim. The entire process only takes about five minutes to complete, asking you to upload your power bill and input your bank details to receive the $250 incentive. It is truly that simple.

And, of course, it’s worth actually looking at the comparison tool to make sure you’re paying the lowest price for your power — which is the whole reason for the incentive in the first place.

“It’s really about addressing the cost of living,” said Andrews. “You might find that the deal you’re on is in fact the cheapest deal and that’d be terrific. But seven out of 10 people find out that isn’t the case.”

While only one person per household is eligible for the payment, you are allowed to claim once per property — which means you’re eligible for another $250 if you move house before June 30.

If approved, the funds should be in your account within two weeks, giving you an extra $250 to buy approximately 25 heads of iceberg lettuce. For more information, and to submit your power-saving bonus application, visit the Compare Energy Victoria website.