Vice Co-Founder Gavin McInnes Has Ripped Apart Waleed Aly’s Critique Of Trump And The Media

He also defends Trump, because why not.

Writer and comedian Gavin McInnes has always been a divisive figure. Since leaving Vice in 2008, McInnes has become renowned for spouting controversial and often puzzling views about the tenants of masculinity, about feminism’s lack of relevance (and that it causes women to be “miserable” because they’re trying to be men) and for some godforsaken reason, arguing that transphobia is “perfectly natural”.

Now McInnes contributes reports for Canada’s Rebel Media, covering topics such as “FILFS: Feminists I’d Like To Have Relations With” and today, ripping apart the Australian media for how they’ve covered the Donald Trump “pussygate” tapes. Earlier this week on The Project, Waleed Aly discussed the media’s coverage of Trump and blamed them for his (mostly) successful election campaign. McInnes it seems, took great issue with this.

Could Bragging About Sexual Assault Finally Turn Voters Against Donald Trump For Good?

McInnes spends the segment talking about what he imagines Waleed Aly’s penis size to be, because okay, and calling him a virgin and a “retard”. This wouldn’t be news except for the fact that McInnes then defends Donald Trump’s “locker room” talk and admonishes Aly for suggesting that anything Trump has said alludes to sexual assault — even though Trump explicitly mentions not having women’s consent.

“It’s a war on masculinity,” McInnes says. “This is how men talk, ladies.” McInnes then explains that Trump’s comments could be justified by their “context” which involves men making shorter men feel better about themselves, or something. Oh, and because beautiful women are “incredibly attracted to sex and power”. (He also defends Terry Richardson, because he has seen girls “hurling themselves at him” which must mean that he has never assaulted anyone.)

The rest of the report is McInnes just listing people he has hung out with who were famous in the early 2000s.

This is not the first time McInnes has defended some of Trump’s offensive remarks. Recently he also agreed that banning Muslims from “returning to America is brash and bold, but it’s also what we need in this day and age”.