Very Good News: It Looks Like We’re Gonna Get A ‘Veronica Mars’ Revival

Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas are on board.

Veronica Mars

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There are few shows as beloved as teen private eye series Veronica Mars, which hit our screens back in the golden era of teen TV around 2004. Well, exciting news Marshmallows, because we’re probably getting a whole new series.

As reported by EWVeronica Mars is apparently close to a deal at streaming service Hulu, with original creator Rob Thomas and main star Kristen Bell back on board. That’s about where the details stop unfortunately, with no word on what the revival is going to look like, or how it will fit in with the series chronology. But I guess we can confidently assume that it will continue the story after the movie that was released back in 2014.

The Veronica Mars feature was crowdfunded through Kickstarter by Thomas and Bell, with an original goal of $2 million, which ended up at an amazing $5.7 million. People clearly love the show, which is probably why the new revival is going ahead.

The original Veronica Mars followed the story of the titular Veronica over three series, as she juggled working in her dad’s private eye agency with some surprisingly nuanced high school mysteries, including the death of her best friend. The show has a very thin pop veneer, which is quickly scraped away to reveal some dark and affecting stories, and some of the best character development on TV.

It’s a great show, and there’s no reason we can’t continue the story. This is extremely exciting.