Kristen Bell Said That ‘Veronica Mars’ Might Be Getting A New Miniseries

Apparently the movie wasn't enough?

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Although many fans had lukewarm feelings about the 2014 Veronica Mars revival film, there still seems to be a great demand for more Mars content. Now that niche properties like Gilmore Girls, Twin Peaks and Wet Hot American Summer have been granted limited series’, it’s not a stretch to imagine more Veronica Mars popping up on Netflix.

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Today at San Diego Comic-Con, Kristen Bell has increased speculation that a miniseries might be on the cards by emphasising that she and show creator Rob Thomas “definitely want to do” more Veronica Mars episodes. During an interview about her new show The Good Place, Bell told TVLine that she wanted to be “up front with fans” and tell them that she has considered coming back. “We’re not going to be clandestine and try and keep it from everybody. Rob and I definitely want to make more Veronica Mars,” she said.

“There are a variety of variables, like my TV contract, his TV contract, what platforms will allow us to do something truncated… But we are definitely striving to do it again and I think the idea that is bouncing around right now is some sort of miniseries that we can put on a platform that would have us.”

You listening to this, Netflix?