The Veronica Mars Movie Just Met Its Kickstarter Goal!

It took only 24 hours for Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell to make the $2 million they needed to fund Veronica Mars: The Movie. Way to go, internet!

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From earlier:

Veronica Mars: The Movie!

Creator/showrunner Rob Thomas launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a movie of your favourite TV show, Veronica Mars. Yes, people, this is happening. The film will be locked into production once it gets $2 million, and they’ll start shooting pretty much right away. By early afternoon on the first day the campaign was up, it had raised its first million; it’s now at $1.3mil. [11.58am Update: They made it!!]

For a pledge of $10, you’ll receive a PDF of the shooting script on the day the movie comes out. For $35 you’ll get the script, a digital version of the movie within a few days of its release, and a limited edition T-shirt. For $350, a cast member of your choice (excluding Kristen Bell) will record your voicemail. For $10 000 you get invited to the premiere and the after party, a speaking role, and a framed copy of your line: “Your check, sir.” (Spoiler!) “Just say the line,” they advise. “Don’t over-think it. You’re a waiter. Your motivation is to turn over the table.”

Veronica Mars needs your help, the internet! But watch this promo video first: