Vegan Swedish Not-Meatballs Are Rolling Into IKEA Australia

The smuggest of all the snacks.

Midway through last month, IKEA broke tens of thousands of European hearts after banning a handful of giant games of hide and seek that had been unofficially planned for stores in Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Utrecht.

But, as the old proverb goes, the lord taketh some things away and then giveth some other things, as if to say sorry about takething the other things away in the first place. Which explains the announcement the outlet made overnight, introducing the GRÖNSAKSBULLAR.

Food photography is perhaps not IKEA's strongest suit.

Food photography is perhaps not IKEA’s strongest suit.

Containing green peas, carrot, chickpeas, kale, corn and bell peppers, the Grönsaksbullar is an all-vegan vegetarian alternative to the Swedish meatballs Australians devoured 8.5 million of last year. According to the outlet, they’re part of a new push by IKEA to offer healthier and more sustainable food choices, in line with their ‘People And Planet Positive Strategy’.

The decision may also have been a response to a PETA campaign, which has been lobbying IKEA for vegan options since 2011. “PETA hears every day from shoppers calling for animal-friendly on-the-go options. Vegan snacks spare animals suffering and benefit human health, which earns IKEA a round of applause from us,” the group has said.


Seriously, these things look terrible though.

The smug little balls will be tumbling into Australian IKEAs from April 27.